“Archie” Baby Carriage Cart

Make your little one (or someone else’s little one) part of your special day with our fabulous Baby Carriage Cart!

Pair with:

Step Ladders – From £20 (without props)

Bride & Groom Hoops – £20

Trellis backdrop – £100

Floral Chandelier £75

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Our “Archie” Baby Carriage Cart allows your baby/toddler to be pulled down the aisle. With many roles available for older children, it’s easy for the younger ones to be left out as they’re not yet walking. Couples can include their little ones in their wedding – and siblings can proudly pull them down the aisle. This captures incredibly special memories which can be treasured for ever, allowing your little one to grow up knowing they played an important part on your wedding day!